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July 2014 Hurricane Arthur damage

Although the hurricane did not make landfall in Maine - was in fact quite a way offshore - it did have quite an impact!


We had tons of rain and wind Friday night through Saturday. We woke without power due to trees on the line up past the barn you can see in the picture. Then a few hours later a tree fell and downed the rest of the line. This affected not only us, but another family member's house up past the barn as well as Cottages 1-6.

Saturday was a big day here because we had 4 cottages to clean and 5 cottages filling up that day. Our dedicated crew showed up and cleaned in the pouring rain and wind with no power. What an experience! All our guests arrived despite the storm and stuck with us until we got the power back on. All we could offer them was running cold water (by way of a generator on the pump house), a battery powered lantern and a hot shower at #7 on Monday if they wanted it.

Finally, after 4 days we have our power back! The electric company had 4 broken poles to fix before they could reconnect our line. A big thanks to our guests who were understanding throughout it all :)

Below is a picture of how high the river came up on the beach (which was completely covered)!


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