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Spring has Sprung!

What a busy spring it has been! We started spring cleaning the cottages the second week of April (laundry was started the week before!) and haven't stopped since! Ten days into May we finished the last one, finally. The past few weekends the cottages have been full of guests and the holiday weekend is coming up. We have received many calls and emails recently for reservations. It seems spring fever has struck others as well :)

In addition to the spring cleaning, we have been busy doing repairs and improvements. Most (maybe all) of the cottages got some new screens on the doors and porches, where needed. In the fall, we made new curtains for at least one room in every cottage; all of these were hung after the cleaning was done.

Cottage #1 got new curtains in the bedrooms, new comforters in one of the bedrooms and it is now possible to close the curtains in the living and dining room.

#1 twin bedroom

Cottage #2 got a new bathroom sink and new curtains in the living/dining area.

#2 new sink
#2 new curtains, dining area/kitchen

Cottage #3 got new curtains in the living/dining area, newly painted windows and frames, a newly painted porch floor and the exterior has been painted (almost done), and new shutters were put on.

#3 painting window frames

Cottage #4 also got new curtains in the living/dining room, a new double bed foundation and mattress, a newly painted porch floor, new shingles on the porch roof and new paint on the porch windows.

#4 new porch floor

Cottage #5 got new tile on the bathroom floor, a new double bed foundation and mattress, new curtains in the living and dining room and a newly painted porch.

Cottage #6 had the least done with new curtains in the bedrooms; it had some exterior painting done last spring though. :)

Also, we made a brand new sign for the entry road! Next on the list is to get some good, bright, sign lights.

new sign

Currently window boxes are being made for a few of the cottages that don't have them, so we can fill them like this! :)

window box

I am sure I am probably missing some things.

Maybe you will notice them when you visit us!

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